Operix for QuickBooks

Innovative, in-the-moment management of field service operations

The contracting business is in our DNA. Having been founded to support operations for a family-run commercial HVAC business, Operix has deep expertise in how to run efficient field operations. Decades of experience went into making sure that Operix improves day-to-day field and back-office activities and communication for the modern specialty contractor.

Operix for QuickBooks Online

Maximize profitability by optimizing labor & material resources.

Operix, integrated with QuickBooks Online and vital customer data, gives service-providing companies a superior tool to manage the life cycle of their work orders.

Equipped with real-time information, office staff can manage service assignments and seamlessly schedule and collaborate with field staff, using the critical details they need onsite.

This continuous communication flow between the field and the office helps deliver higher quality work, improve efficiencies and maximize profitability from field operations.

By using Operix with QuickBooks Online, you can deliver unstoppable customer service, improve client retention and win new business with the power of collaborative technology.

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What Makes Operix for QuickBooks Online Unique

We’re a comprehensive integrated solution for back-office and field team functionality coupled with the industry standard accounting platform, QuickBooks Online. Every employee has access to the same data at the same time, so your team’s always working with the most up-to-date information to win more business and get the done right.

Operix on the Go

The Operix Mobile App allows users to work uninterrupted without having to worry about the presence of a Wi-Fi or cell signal. Such a difference may seem small, but it can make all the difference to your business when productivity matters.

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Reduce Administrative Work and Increase Accuracy

Relieve your dispatchers, service managers and accounting staff from hours of manual data entry while ensuring the accuracy of your work orders, billing and payroll.


Generate service tickets with predefined work descriptions, so detailed documentation is presented professionally for billing and customer review.


Create QuickBooks Online integrated purchase orders from the field to speed up Work Order completion.


Simplify payroll processing by instantly capturing time.


Enable technicians to take payments, collect signatures and email receipts, straight from the service location itself.

Optimize Resource Scheduling

The Operix Dispatch Scheduler offers several flexible formats that suit your unique business needs, making dispatching your resources a breeze.

  • View assignments by day, week or month, or use the Priority View to organize assignments by importance.
  • Schedule and view all your service resources, including equipment and vendors.
  • Create custom Dispatch Groups and Team Views
    for further flexibility and collaboration opportunities.
Operix for Quickbooks Online

Know Exactly Where You Stand From the Field

With Operix, managers and technicians have access to real-time information— anytime, anywhere. Increase the efficiency of your service operations by tracking critical items in the field. From assignments to work orders, quotes, purchase orders, customer equipment, site history, notes, photos, and time worked – you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

Easily Capture Time Worked

Log work order time and miscellaneous time (like vacation or sick pay) from the field through an intuitive time entry form, or calculate it automatically in a punch in / punch out format. Workers can log their hours from their mobile devices, or supervisors can enter start and end times and pay types for individuals and entire crews.

  • Track travel times, breaks and lunches in addition to vacation and sick pay
  • Customize time review and approval workflows
  • Capture signatures on timesheets

Streamline the Service Lifecycle with a Solution for Every Stage