Going Digital: Best Practices for Implementing a Field Operations Solution

Watch our latest webinar to find out:

  1. What value does a field operations solution provide?
  2. The questions you should ask when selecting a field operations platform.
  3. A checklist for making the right selection.
  4. Best practices to successfully go live on your new platform.

What value does a field operations solution provide?


  1. “My technician callbacks are becoming more frequent. How do I reduce that?”
  2. “My office team is spending a lot of time manually entering field information into our system.”
  3. “My team is relying on pen and paper for work orders, scheduling, invoices, quotes, etc.”


  1. “I’m sitting on invoices from weeks ago.”
  2. “It’s hard to know which technician is the most profitable.”
  3. “Completing payroll is challenging and stressful.”


  1. “Our technicians don’t have job history information readily available.”
  2. “It’s hard to know which areas of my business are generating the most profit.”
  3. “Inventory tracking is a nightmare.”

The questions you should ask when selecting a platform

Features & Functionality

  • How does the solution work with your accounting system?
  • Will purchase orders flow back to your own accounting software?
  • Is the scheduling drag and drop?
  • Can my techs quote right from the field?
  • Will these features help me invoice faster?

Total Cost of Ownership

  • After selecting the platform, will there be an implementation fee?
  • How many hours will your team spend on implementation and training?
  • Data migration costs?
  • What consulting services do you charge after going live?


  • Are there any integrations offered out of the box?
    • Payment solutions, GPS, other workforce solutions?
  • Is there a customer facing API that can be used for custom integrations?

Ongoing Support for Success

  • Are you getting quality support that understand your business or are you getting offshore support?
  • How do you interact with support, phone, chat, and or email?
    • Hours of operation?

A checklist for making the right selections.

  1. Designed for residential or commercial contractors?
  2. Geared for small business or enterprise?
  3. Time capture / payroll features meet your requirements?
  4. Support for same day invoicing to speed up cash flow?
  5. Does the accounting integration meet the CFO’s needs?
    1. Who manages inventory?
    2. Who manages purchase orders?

Best practices to successfully go live on your new platform

  • Get internal buy-in: Stakeholder sign off (office & field representation).
  • Build your implementation team: The implementation lead must have someone will full operation knowledge of your business.
  • Train and drive adoption: Adopt and train the trainer mentality.
  • Clear data migration principles: Be careful of data black holes
  • Analyze performance: Success criteria and go-live goals
  • Use the entire solution: Ask your software provider if you’re seeing all the benefits of the platform.