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Empowering innovative, in-the-moment management of field service operations through technology.

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Manage Your HVAC Field Technicians & Your Office with Operix for QuickBooks Online

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Operix is the #1 HVAC Software Solution for Your Commercial HVAC Business

Operix for QuickBooks Online equips commercial HVAC contractors with the tools they need to maximize profits. Relieve your dispatchers, service managers and accounting staff from hours of manual data entry while ensuring the accuracy of your work orders, billing and payroll.

With the right HVAC software, managers and technicians have access to real-time information— anytime, anywhere growing your sales and bottom line. Increase the efficiency of your service operations by tracking critical items in the field. From work orders to quotes, purchase orders, customer equipment, site history, notes, photos, and time worked – you’ll always know exactly where you stand.

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Grow Your Business with HVAC Software Built for Your Needs.

Scale your operations with better communication and coordination. Operix’s All-In-One HVAC software keeps your entire team, from the field to the office, on the same page. Operix is the all-in-one HVAC software solution for heating, air conditioning and refrigeration businesses. With Operix, technicians are equipped to improve efficiency, generate bigger tickets, and provide first rate customer service.

Operix on the Go

The Operix Mobile App allows users to work uninterrupted without having to worry about the presence of a Wi-Fi or cell signal. Such a difference may seem small, but it can make all the difference to your business when productivity matters.

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HVAC Software that Understands Your Business.

Select a feature below

  Simplify Service Operations

and reduce time-to-invoice by accurately and efficiently tracking time, materials, billing amounts and more – in the office or on site.

  Improve Communications

from the office to the field in real time by capturing hours, documenting equipment repairs, generating purchase orders and invoices for QuickBooks Online.

  Integrate Workflows

and critical information like invoices, purchase orders, and inventory directly to QuickBooks Online.

   Manage Work Order Parts

materials and pricing to keep cost information consistent and to maintain data integrity.

   Reduce Overhead

by cutting down on paperwork and administrative costs by eliminating duplicate data entry and reducing errors caused by misread technician and field supervisor notes.

   Optimize Opportunities

onsite by creating tracking and following up with quotes from right where you are.

A Superior Software Solution for Every HVAC Contractor

Operix for QuickBooks Online

Operix, integrated with QuickBooks Online and vital customer data, gives HVAC companies a superior tool to manage the life cycle of their work orders.

Equipped with real-time information, office staff can manage service assignments and seamlessly schedule and collaborate with field staff, using the critical details they need onsite.

This continuous communication flow between the field and the office helps deliver higher quality work, improve efficiencies and maximize profitability from field operations.

By using Operix with QuickBooks Online for your HVAC business, you can deliver unstoppable customer service, improve client retention and win new business with the power of collaborative technology.

  • Maximize profitability by optimizing labor & material resources
  • Reduce administrative work and increase accuracy
  • Optimize resource scheduling
  • Know exactly what’s happening in the field
  • Easily capture time worked
  • Streamline the service lifecycle with a solution for every stage

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Increase Profits & Improve Efficiency with the HVAC Software that Fits Your Business

Streamline the Service Lifecycle with a Solution for Every Stage

HVAC Software FAQs

Commercial HVAC software is an essential tool for owners and managers of commercial HVAC companies to grow their businesses. With Operix your office and technicians are equipped with the tools to improve efficiency, generate bigger tickets, and provide great customer service.

Operix was built by a commercial HVAC contractor specifically for commercial contractors. The platform supports over 30,000 users and is used by many of the leading HVAC contractors in North America and is now available for the Quickbooks online platform. Our team designed a detailed onboarding process for your team and provide continuous support as you get familiar with the platform. We also understand that every company is different. Our onboarding team spends time understanding how your operation runs and then collaborates with your team to integrate the software into your process. This shortens the learning curve significantly and eliminates frustration that can happen when moving to a new platform.

The best software is the one that fits your business needs! When evaluating commercial HVAC software, consider the features that are important to your operations. Many commercial HVAC contractors are forced to choose between software built for residential contractors or continue to rely on paper and spreadsheets. Operix was created specifically for commercial HVAC and Refrigeration companies and continues to be guided by input from owners, dispatchers, and technicians.

Benefits spread across your entire operation: office staff deals with less paperwork, technicians are dispatched more efficiently, and detailed reporting and project progress keeps everything on track. Technicians are better equipped to provide an exceptional customer experience. Owners can relax knowing they’re focused on the right areas of their business.

Operix seamlessly integrates with many popular accounting solutions including Quickbooks and Sage Intacct, Sage 300 Construction and Real Estate, and Sage 100 Contractor.